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Welcome to the One Body Total Health Company. 
About the founder.


​  In early August 2020, while preparing to launch my Next World Alive website/blog site, I realized that I had more than just a passion for writing health and longevity articles. I had also found myself working on written media and informational formats that simply couldn’t be expressed in the form of simple blog articles. I had discovered that giving people the power of positive change and placing it in their hands to transform themselves into a healthier, better way of living was an exciting feeling.

It was in the middle of June, during the covid pandemic of 2020 that I decided to compile notes that I had collected for over 20 years along, with a complete lifetime of experiences and influences, that I had begun to piece together my very first exercise book. I decided to call it The One Body Workout. It is currently in revision and edit mode and would like to release it by mid-2021.

While I was creating my NWA blog articles, I also began to create physical fitness & high energy nutrition informational/media-based written programs that went beyond the scope of good, healthy daily living and that delved into moderate to highly active lifestyles for those who enjoy pushing themselves to and beyond their limits both physically and mentally.

My next goal then was to create downloadable, PDF & whitepaper-style offerings by which everyone regardless of age could access, keep for themselves, share with everyone, and better their overall health.

Thus, the birth of the One Body Total Health media/information company.

Over 30 years of collecting and researching facts and stories. All of the information created & developed for the public, whether free or paid, here in my One Body Total Health company promises to be worthy, ethical, and exciting, life-changing informational materials.

Check out my all-new One Body Total Health media & products store coming soon. Check back often for further information. Cheers, and thank you.